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Contacteer ons hieronder & wij beantwoorden zo snel mogelijk uw vraag.

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Sagresabout 130 km from Casa Mama Mia is remote, adventurous and unlike any other destination in southern Portugal. The small town is situated at the extreme western tip of the Algarve, a region of dramatic natural scenery; comprising of raging seas, towering cliffs and vast beaches.
Sagres is a destination where visitors come to embrace nature’s immense power, be that in the sea surfing, on the land hiking, or basking under the glorious sun. Sagres may not be for all, as the town has a laid back ambience with an outpost’s rugged and unkempt appearan..


Monchique, about 100 km from Casa Mama Mia, is a market town up in the Serra de Monchique, which is a thickly wooded mountain range separating the Algarve from Alentejo. The jouney up (and down) to Monchique offers spectacular views and is totally different from coastal Algarve. The houses in Monchique are typically Algarvean with their white walls and bands of colour around the windows and doors, but their 'saia' (skirt) chimneys are quite unique and different from coastal homes.
The centre of Monchique is characterised by lots of narrow cobbled ..


Olhão, just 10km south east of Faro and 8km from Casa Mama Mia on the Algarve coast, has been transformed into a major beach resort in recent years with visitors flocking to the splendid beaches of Ilha da Armona and Ilha da Culatra, both short ferry rides away.
The beach at Farol, Ilha da Culatra, Olhão
Until recently Olhão was a sleepy fishing port ..


Tavira, about half an hour drive from Casa Mama Mia is a unique tourism experience. The historical background and untouched archaeological traces managed to preserve the city as one of the most characteristic and accurate representations of the Algarve region. Like most cities in southern Portugal, Tavira has a mix of Roman, Arab and Christian heritage. The city centre with remains of castle walls, churches and bridges from different eras, together with fantastic beaches and the island around Ria Formosa area, make a unique scenario likely to dazzle many of its visitors.


Faro , at about 2O km from Casa Mama Mia, as a holiday destination is often overlooked, regarded simply as a point of entry to southern Portugal, via the main airport of the region. This has allowed Faro to retain its peaceful ambience and traditional charm that is centred around the pretty walled Old Town.
Faro is situated on the edge of the Ria Formosa national park, a series of saltwater lagoons and mudflats that are a haven for migratory birds and wildlife. Beyond the Ria Formosa national park are the three sandbar islands, which are the location for Faro&rsqu..


Moncarapacho, 10 min (walking) from Casa Mama Mia, is a small country town in the middle of an area which is home to orange orchards and horticulture. It exudes a calm, unhurried atmosphere of people going about their business in a relaxed and friendly way. The 'centre' of Moncarapacho is a charming cobbled square alongside the church where you can sit and have a drink or a meal beneath the jacoranda and palm trees and be made to jump by the church clock striking. The town offers all the basic facilities, including three good small supermarkets and a small local pr..